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Fic: After the First

Story Title:  After the First
Rating: R
Warnings: Sex references.
Summary: A snapshot of the morning after Jack and Ianto's first night together.
AN: I wrote this for the seventh challenge of the first round of jack_ianto_las  for the prompt "I didn't see that one coming".

After the First

"I really didn't see this one coming," Jack said with a wink. Ianto turned to glare at him before giving up on his search for his underwear and pulling up his trousers. Ok, admittedly that was a terrible pun but Jack couldn't help but think that he was allowed a few bad jokes considering he'd just had his brain sucked out through his dick.

"Seriously, though," he said, not even bothering to cover his naked body as he watched Ianto do up his shirt and retrieve his tie from under the desk, "what brought this on? Not that I've never heard of 'We just survived one of our team-mates going crazy and trying to kill us, but had to kill them in the process' sex, but I can't help but wonder whether this is going to happen again soon, or if I have to wait for Owen's long overdue nervous breakdown."

It shouldn't really be funny but god knows that they have to find some kind of humour in the dark so he isn't surprised when Ianto doesn't laugh, but his eyes dance.

"I remember not so long ago you promised to kill me."

The light in his eyes dimmed and he turned towards the door, pulling on his jacket. "You'll just have to wait and see, Sir," he said, his voice steady, but Jack knows that he could see the turmoil as clear as hieroglyphs scrawled across every inch of Ianto's face. "It's all part of the teaboy mystique."

Before Jack can reply, Ianto is gone and Jack is far too blissed out to consider following him.

Tags: janto, torchwoodfic

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